How to get like on Facebook 2023

How to get Like on Facebook 2023:- Do you also want to know what to do to get maximum likes on Facebook? So today we will tell you about this that how to like on Facebook

Facebook is a huge platform of Social Sites where people share their Photos, Videos and Thoughts with people and wait till they get more likes on their posts. If more likes come on your post, then your impression and reputation among friends increases. Apart from this, if you get more likes on Facebook, then people also feel that you are very popular on Facebook, so you have got more likes.

Many people increase likes on Facebook with the help of the app, but after 2 to 4 days Facebook blocks their account. Because this is not a legal way to increase likes on Facebook. Apart from this, if you increase likes on Facebook with auto liker app, then your Facebook account can also be hacked.

That’s why today in this article we are going to tell you a completely legal and genuine method, by following which you will be able to increase likes on Facebook easily.

How to like on Facebook

How to like on Facebook

1. Increase likes on facebook by tagging friends

This is the best way to increase likes on Facebook. The biggest advantage of tagging friends is that the richness of the photo uploaded by you reaches a lot of people. Means when you tag a friend, then that photo will be visible to your friend as well as it will be visible to the friend’s friend as well.

Due to which friends of friends also like your photo and you get many likes. Whenever you tag your friends with the post, then they get your notification, due to which there are 90% chances that they will definitely like your photos. This is considered the best way to increase likes on Facebook.

2. Choose the right time to share the photo

If you want to get maximum likes on your photo, then you have to select the right time. Means when more people remain active on Facebook. Facebook itself has said that most people stay online from 2:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon and then from 6:00 to 8:00 in the evening. If you also share photos on Facebook during this time, then your photos will get more likes than before.

3. Write good bio in Facebook profile

Perhaps you may be surprised to know that even by writing a good bio in Facebook profile, likes are increased on Facebook. People who write Bio in their Facebook profile in a tremendous way, their posts and photos get more than 40% likes compared to other people. That’s why you try on your Facebook account to write your Bio in a very beautiful way, so that you can get maximum likes on the posts and photos uploaded on your Facebook account.

4. Increase likes on Facebook by joining SR family

This is the easiest and simplest way to increase likes on Facebook photos. You can get lots of likes on photos uploaded on Facebook by joining SR family. You get unlimited likes by joining SR family. Actually people associated with SR family have to like the posts of others as well.

You have to tag someone in your photo who is associated with the SR family and has a lot of followers, and then go to their timeline and like other people’s posts as well. Then the same people also like your photo. People associated with this family can bring at least 10k to more than 50k likes on the post uploaded by you.

5. Use social media management tool

Social Media Management Tool This is one such tool which is being used by celebrities and social media influencers. This tool is proving to be very good for those people who are unable to manage their Facebook profile due to lack of time. With the help of this tool, you can schedule your photos, then this tool automatically uploads photos to Facebook at your set time.

Through social media management tool, you can also see the activity on your Facebook post. It works like Facebook analytics.

6. Hold contests and giveaways

To increase likes on Facebook, first you have to create your audience and this is considered the best way to engage your audience on Facebook.

When you do a contest through your profile or Facebook page, you get a lot of user-generated content through which you get noticed by a lot of Facebook users. Due to which your audience gets hold. In such a situation, the chances of increasing likes on your Facebook post increase by 80%.

7. Create shareable content

If you want to get thousands of likes on your Facebook, then you will have to work a little hard and you will have to create a shareable content, which will get a lot of attention when uploaded on Facebook and your post will reach maximum number of people, in such a way you will get unique content. Will have to be made after seeing which people will be forced to share in their timeline.

How to increase Like on Facebook (With Apps)

There are many such apps available on the internet using which you can increase likes on Facebook. But by using these apps, if you increase likes on Facebook, then there is a possibility of your Facebook account getting hacked and suspended. Because this is not the right and legal way to increase likes on Facebook.

Nevertheless, for your information, I have made a list of some Facebook auto liker app which is capable of increasing unlimited likes on Facebook photos and posts.

  • DJ Liker
  • auto liker
  • Vivo Liker
  • yo liker
  • Wefbe
  • like4like
  • Apentalclac
  • Likeulator
  • Hublaa
  • Mg-Likers

Increase unlimited likes on Facebook with Dj liker

First of all you have to download dj liker app in your phone. You will not find this app on playstore, so download it by searching on Google.

After the app is downloaded, login to it with any of your Facebook account and search your real Facebook account and select the photo on which you want to increase likes.

If you login with your fake account and increase the likes on the posts of the real account, then there is no chance of account hacking.

After waiting for a while, you will see that the likes will start increasing on the post you selected. Keep in mind that sometimes due to system failure, likes are not available on the post with the help of this type of auto liker app.

Increase unlimited like on Facebook with Wefbee

  • First of all open the wefbee website in the browser and click on the 3rd line.
  • Now click on account and select login with FB.
  • Generate Token Code by login with Facebook.
  • Then copy the Token Code and paste it in the login box and login.
  • Then you select that post and click on Get Likes on which you want to increase likes.

conclusion I hope you understand well how to make like on facebook Now whenever you want, you can make your impression among your friends by increasing the number of likes you want on your post. You must tell by commenting how did you like this information. Thank you…

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