How to know Share Price 2023?

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How to know Share Price- In today’s era, information related to share market is easily available and it is necessary to know how to know the share price of a company. The share price is determined by a number of factors such as the results of the company, its market rate and market trends.

There are many websites on the internet that provide information related to the stock market such as Moneycontrol, Economic Times and the official website of BSE/NSE. You can see the price list of shares of any company by visiting these websites. Apart from these websites, other websites like Google Finance and also provide information related to the stock market. You can get information about share price, share charts, financial reports and news etc. from these websites. You can easily find out the share price of any company using this information.

1. Search the Internet and find the Share Price

You can visit any number of websites on the internet which provide stock market details. You can check the price list of shares by visiting websites such as, or the official website of BSE/NSE.

To view the share price list by visiting any website on the internet, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Open Internet browsing software (such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge) in your web browser.
  2. Type the URL of official website of, or BSE/NSE in the search bar of the opened web browser.
  3. On the website you will get the link of “Share Bazar” or “Stock Market”. You click on that link.
  4. Now a window will open in front of you in which you will get information about the share prices of various companies. You can search by typing the name of the company you want and see its current price.

On these websites, you can see the share price as well as various financial indicators of the company such as P/E ratio, investibility, financial reports, etc. To know the share price on the internet, you can visit various websites which provide the details of the share market. Below mentioned websites provide you the share price and other important information related to share market:

How to know Share Price? Website to know the share price?

  1. is an Indian website that provides financial market news, information about market trends. On this website you can get information like stock market, news, investment, economic news. Apart from this, this website also provides you live market information. has made a name for itself in India in the field of financial news and financial market related information. It is one of the most popular websites in India which provides information related to various shares and stock market. On this website, you can know the price of your favorite company by going to the search bar. Apart from this, the website also provides charts, financial reports and news of various stocks.


This website is another popular financial news portal that provides news, tips, reports and other information related to the stock market. You can also check the share price and related information like stock charts, additional details, news etc. on this website

  1. Official website of BSE/NSE

Both BSE and NSE are the two major stock exchanges in India. The full name of BSE is Bombay Stock Exchange and it is the oldest and largest stock exchange in India. The full name of NSE is National Stock Exchange and it is the most liquid stock exchange in India. There are also official websites of both BSE and NSE. The official website of BSE is and the official website of NSE is

On these websites, you can know about stock market information like share price, investment opportunities, stock trends, stock buying and selling process, etc. Apart from this, these websites also provide recommended stocks for investors and advice related to financial investments. The two main exchanges of the Indian stock market are the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE). The official website of both is an important source for stock market information. On this website you can find the current stock price, stock charts, stock comparison and other stock related information.

  1. google finance

Google Finance is another website providing financial news and information related to the stock market. On this website, you can view various stock prices and related information such as stock charts, financial reports and news. Google Finance is an online financial service operated by Google. Using this service, one can view detailed information on stock markets, currency markets, commodity markets and other financial products from different countries.

With the help of tools available in Google Finance, users can view share price charts, market news, research reports, historical data, star targets of shares and share news etc. Apart from this, it also provides users with the facility to receive alerts and messages to share. Google Finance provides news as well as stock market details and other information. Apart from these websites, other websites like Money9, etc. also provide information related to share market, By using all these websites you can see the price list of any company’s share.

  1. mobile application

Nowadays there are many mobile apps available for stock market related information. You can install apps like Moneycontrol, Economic Times, BSE/NSE official apps and view share price list.

How to see Share Price from Groww App?

Grove App is an online investment application that provides users with a convenient platform to invest in the Indian stock market. Through this application users can deposit money from their bank account for savings and investment and invest in shares, mutual funds and other investment options. This application is very easy to use and provides users with complete information about the possibilities of investing in the Indian stock market. In addition, users can also set alerts for their investments so that they can stay up to date on investment details.

Through this app, you can explore the best investment options for investing in the Indian stock market and use various tools to manage your investments. Follow these steps to view share price through Groww App:

  1. Open the Groove app and login to your account with your login details.
  2. On the main screen, you will see a button with the option “Market Watchlist”, which you need to tap.
  3. There you will see the list of all the stocks for which you have added to your market watchlist.
  4. Tap on the name of the stock whose price you want to know.
  5. The current price, talks and past rates of the stock will be displayed for the stock.

Also, you can view the charts of the stocks through the Grove app which gives you more insight and historical prices.

Conclusion- How to know Share Price?

Through this process, we see that getting the share price list of a company has become very easy through the internet. You can view the share price list by visiting favorite websites. Apart from this, you can also get the price list of the share with the help of the share broker. It can also be a better option to visit websites that give updated information about the stock market from time to time. You are advised to use your own discretion and advice from experienced experts before accessing stock market information.

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