Know what is touch screen and how it works

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You all know that today is the time of technology and nowadays many technologies have come and one of those technologies is touch screen, it is very easy to use touch screen, in this you just need to do any work But touch has to be done, now touch screen is used instead of keyboard, mouse to interact with a system.

what is touch screen

Touch Screen is an Input Device in which the user touches the pictures and words available on the computer screen to interact with the computer, which creates Pressure at that place, the Touch Screen on the computer works according to that pressure.

Know what is touch screen and how it works 3

If we say in simple words, touch screen is that screen, by touching which it starts working, that is, in which instead of pressing the button to do any work, by touching its surface, it acts like a mouse pointer click. It is called Touch Screen.

Touch screen is an electronic visual display that the user can control the screen through the touch of his finger.

Touch screen is a computer screen that allows the user to give commands by touching without the use of keyboard and mouse. Now you can see that the use of touch screen has become common now. Have been

Touch screen is being used in many devices like- Computer, Laptop, Monitor, Kiosks, Tablets, Mobile, Atm Machine etc.

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History Of Touchscreen In Hindi

The first Idea about Touch Screen came to Eric Johnson in 1960 when he worked in Royal Radar Establishment, Marlvern England. Earlier people believe that the first Touch Screen was of Capacitive Type which we are using in our Smart Phone today.

Then in 1970, the first touch screen was made by Frenk Beck and Bent Stumpe, at that time they were engineers at Cern and in 1973 this product was used for the first time.

After this, in 1971, Dr. George Samuel Hurst established a new record in the technology of touch screen, he was an Instructor at the University of Kentucky Reaserch Foundation and he invented a Touch Sensor named ‘elograph’.

After this, in 1974, Hurst along with his company Elographics created the world’s first Real Touchscreen which had features like Transparent.
After this, in 1977, Elographics developed Resistive Touchscreen with its continuous efforts and also patented it in its name. Resistive Touchscreen was the technology that we are using in our Smart Phones today.

Resistive Touchscreen Technology was developed by Samuel Hurst in 1975 but it was neither produced nor used in front of the world till 1982.

Types Of Touchscreen In Hindi

Here we are going to know about the type of Touch Screen, which Touchscreen is good for our use. Although there are many types of Touch Screen available in today’s time, but we will tell you about the most commonly used Touchscreen out of all those Touch Screens, if you want to know about them, then let us tell you about it. Is.

  • Resistive Touchscreen
  • Capacitive touch screen
  • Infrared touch screen
  • Resistive Touch Screen

Resistive Technology is currently the most used technology which is like a Transparent Keyboard. Resistive Touch Screen has a Flexible Upper Layer which is made of Conducting Polyester Plastic.

A Rigid Lower Layer which is made of Conducting Glass and there is a space between the two and when we press on this Touch Screen, it passes a Voltage and Touch by reaching the place where we have Touched. Processes the

For example, when we press a key on a keyboard, then the chip inside the screen detects your coordinate that on which keyboard you have pressed which key. Resistive Touchscreen Planels are more affordable than other Touchscreen and these Panels do not deteriorate from external elements such as Dust or Water.

  • capacitive touch screen

Capacitive Touch Screen senses the conductive properties of an object. Capacitive touch screen senses the electricity generated inside the body of any person. It is made of Glass from above and Conductive Matter from inside.

In this, whenever we touch any screen with a finger, an electricity is generated from our body and it works with the same electricity. And if we touch the screen by wearing Gloves then it will not work because Gloves do not generate electricity like us.

  • infrared touch screen

In Infrared Touch Screen, Grid Pattern Of LED and Light Detector Photocells are used and they are arranged in the Opposite Side of the Screen. These LEDs emit Infrared Light which comes from the middle of the screen and when you touch the screen If you touch any place then you block the way of those beams.

The microchip located inside the screen calculates those beams where the obstruction has occurred and accordingly sends information to the controller to process it. In Infrared Touch screen, you can also touch using any other object other than Finger.

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Touch screen kaise karta hai

Not all touch screen functions are the same, but if we talk about its action, then they are very common functions. Touch Screen is very easy to use, for this we have to touch the screen and there is an Electrically Conductive Layer under this screen.

When you touch on these displays, then you feel that the display is slightly bent and from here its process starts, when you touch on the screen, then the electric current at the bottom shows that at which place the touch happened. And accordingly it sends all the information to the Controller for processing.

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