What is Affiliate Marketing and Best Ways to Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing

Today, technology has developed a lot and due to the advent of technology, there has been a lot of simplicity and speed in the work of man. With the help of technology, we can make our tasks easier as well as earn money sitting at home.

Although there are many ways available to earn money on the internet, but one such popular way is being adopted by people to earn money from the internet, its popularity is also increasing day by day and the name of that way is, ,affiliate marketing,,

You can earn not thousands but lakhs of rupees every month through affiliate marketing. In today’s important article, we will tell all of you What is affiliate marketing , And how to earn money from affiliate marketing , and how affiliate marketing works, Will provide detailed information on all these important aspects.

What is affiliate marketing,

Now the question must be arising in your mind that affiliate marketing what is called in hindi,it in hindi ,affiliate marketing, They say. If we try to understand it in simple language, then it is such an act, under which we increase the sale of any person or company by promoting its product or any other service through our medium and Then in return, the company or that person deposits the fixed commission into our affiliate account. Affiliate marketing is mainly done online and that is why its product or other service is promoted online and at the same time it is sold to the customers.

How does affiliate marketing work,

Affiliate marketing work goes through many stages and then only then you can generate income from it. Now let us further try to explain to you the work process of one of our marketing, which is as follows below.

When a company or a person takes the support of another to promote its product or service and through its affiliate program, through its affiliate program, provides commission to its epilator in exchange for increasing sales, then we call it affiliate program. Are.

Where every applator person gets listed to sell the product or service under his partner program of affiliate marketing, it is called affiliate market place. Here market applators of many different platforms get their product or service listed.

When we join to work with a company running an affiliate program, then they make us fill a sign up form to join their affiliate program. You cannot be logged in to any affiliate company without completing the sign up process. After signing up, you are provided with a unique ID and this is also known as Affiliate ID.

After joining the affiliate company and after getting the unique ID, you have to create an affiliate link for each product or service to be sold. You can easily create an affiliate link for each product or service once you login to your affiliate company.

When you get a company’s product or service sold through your affiliate link, the company gets to know through your affiliate link which and how many customers you have sold their product to. After this, the fixed commission of each product is deposited in your affiliate account after its sale.

After creating an affiliate link based on different categories of each product or service of the company and getting it sold, the commission determined by you is transferred to your affiliate account. Keep in mind that you can get different commission for each product or service.

After going through all the steps mentioned above, at last an affiliate marketer will transfer your affiliate running to your bank account via paypal account or other payment mode after fulfilling the payment condition set by the affiliate company. Are being given.

Things needed to earn money from affiliate marketing,

You will need some essential things to work in this field and its information is as follows below.

  1. Any single athlete company you associate with will earn money.
  2. laptop or mobile phone
  3. Internet connection
  4. Promotion platform to promote any one online product or service.
  5. Endurance.

affiliate marketing companies in india,

Today, Amazon, Flipkart and many other affiliate marketing companies are present in our country and you can earn money by doing affiliate marketing by joining them. Let us now know further, that Which are the top affiliate companies in India?,whose list is as follows below.

  1. amazon
  2. Flipkart
  3. eBay
  4. myntra
  5. snap deal
  6. Shopclues
  7. Commission Junction
  8. Godaddy
  9. hostgator
  10. clickbank


to earn money from affiliate marketing 5 methods,

Although there are many ways to earn money through affiliate marketing, but only a few of them know about the ways through which you can make money from affiliate marketing. Let us further tell you some ways to earn money from affiliate marketing, which are popular and some are unique too.

  1. By affiliate through youtube :-

If you have a YouTube channel and have a good number of subscribers on it, then you can earn good money by doing affiliate marketing.

  1. By doing affiliate marketing through blogging: –

If you run a blog or website, and get good traffic on it daily, then you can easily earn good money every month through affiliate marketing links on your blog.

  1. Through Affiliate Website :-

Nowadays people design dedicated affiliate website on top of any one low competition affiliate product. By working well and smartly on such websites, a hefty amount can be earned every month.

  1. Through social media platform:-

If you have a good number of followers on your social media account, then you can also make money from affiliate marketing using your social media platform.

  1. Through Affiliate Marketplace:-

On Affiliate Marketplace, we can get the product or service listed for sale and through this process also we can earn money very easily through Affiliate Marketing.

Important things to earn from affiliate marketing,

If you want to do affiliate marketing and want to earn money from it, then it is very important for you to know about some important things related to it and some important information related to affiliate marketing is mentioned below in the following way.

  • You can use Affiliate link and Google Adsense together as per your requirement.
  • There is no important and special rule to be followed to join any affiliate program and it can be joined absolutely free of cost to earn money.
  • You can get the money earned through affiliate marketing directly in your bank accounts.
  • You are free to earn money by doing affiliate marketing anywhere easily as per your convenience and need.

conclusion :-

How do we earn money through affiliate marketing in this important article of ours today? And has provided some important information related to it. We hope that you will find this article very important to earn money through affiliate marketing.


  1. Q: Do you need any qualification to earn money from affiliate marketing?,

Ans:- Yes not at all.

  1. Q: On which platforms we can do affiliate marketing,

Ans:- You can do this on website, block, YouTube channel or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms.

  1. Q: On what basis is commission received in affiliate marketing?,

Ans:- The commission is paid to you on the basis of each product and its service and it may vary from product to product and service to service.

  1. Q: How much money can be earned from affiliate marketing,

Ans:- There is no limit to this, initially there will be little less income but gradually your income will also increase.

  1. Q: What to do to earn money from affiliate marketing,

Ans:- First of all, you have to connect with the company or person running any affiliate program and then start it by completing the further process with it.

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