What is Axis Mobile Banking and how to use it?

Hello friends, welcome to Hindi Sahayta. today we are going to tell you How to use Axis Mobile App? If you are also a customer of Axis Bank and want to use Axis Mobile App but you do not know about it, then you are reading the right post. Because today you will know that Axis Bank Mobile Banking Kaise Activate Kare
How to send money from Axis Mobile Banking Today also you will know through this post. We will explain it to you in very simple language. Hope you are liking all our posts. In the same way, you continue to like all the posts coming on our blog.
With the help of Axis Mobile App, you can do many things related to the bank. You will not even need to go to the bank. Axis Bank is one of the big banks in India. It has branch in every city. This bank provides very good service. If you also want to get the benefit of the best service, then you can open your account in this bank.

Earlier we had to go to the bank to send money to someone and stand in long queues. But now we can do this work from our mobile only. Apart from sending money, we can also take advantage of other services through this app. So today you will know how you can do these things using Axis Mobile App.
So let’s know what is Axis Mobile Banking, if you also have an account in Axis Bank, then you can use Axis Mobile App. To get complete information about this app, definitely read this post Axis Bank Mobile Banking Kaise Register Kare from beginning to end. You will get complete information about it only after reading the post till the end.

What is Axis Mobile Banking?

This is the best service in the services of Axis Bank. You can take advantage of its service by downloading the Axis Mobile App. This app is also available for Iphone, Android, Windows.
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Through this, you can use all the services of internet banking, for which you will not even have to go to the bank. You can do this through your mobile while sitting at home.

How to download Axis Mobile App?

To use this app, first of all you have to download its mobile app. Here’s an easy way to do it:

  • Download App First of all download Axis Mobile App in your mobile.
  • Install App – After downloading install the app
  • open app Now you can use it by opening the app

Axis Mobile Banking Registration Kaise Kare

Follow the steps given below to register for Axis Mobile Banking:

First of all you have to visit Axis Bank Site.

  • Click First Time User? Registration

Now a new page will open in front of you in which you will see First Time User? Click on Register.

After clicking on it, a new window will open, enter your Customer Id in it and click on Proceed.

  • Enter Account Number/Mobile Number

In the next screen you have to fill your Account Number and Registered Mobile Number.

Now you have to enter your Debit Card Number, Pin and Expiry Date. After that click on Proceed.

Set your login password. After that enter the OTP that will come on your registered mobile number and submit it.
In this way you have been registered in Axis Mobile Banking. In this way you can activate by registering for Customer Internet Banking of Axis Bank.

How to Activate Axis Mobile Banking?

You are registered on this. Now how you can activate Mobile Banking by login on this app, know further:

Open the app, you will see the login button, click on it.

Now the notification to send the message will be shown, that means you have to verify your registered mobile number. 2 rupees will be deducted from your mobile on sending the message.

Now enter your name.

Tick ​​in front of I Agree and click on Continue.

Now you have to enter MPIN.

Enter MPIN again to confirm. Just now Axis Mobile Activation is done. The option of how to use Mobile Banking will appear on your screen. After this you can use mobile banking.

How to use Axis Mobile App?

Using this app, you can do Fund Transfer, Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement, Mobile Recharge. This app is useful to use all these services. Know further how you use Axis Mobile App:

After doing all the above steps, click on the tab of your Account Balance.

Now you will get a Popup Notification, click on Proceed in it.

Enter the details of your Debit – ATM card.

If you have Net Banking then enter Login ID and Password. Just now after completing this process you can use all the features of Axis Mobile App.

Axis Mobile Banking Me Payee Details Kaise Add Kare

To transfer money to Axis and other banks, first add Beneficiary Payee. After this you can transfer money. So first of all know that Axis Mobile Banking Me Beneficiary Account Kaise Use Kare:
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First of all log in to Axis Mobile App.

After logging in, you will see the option of Fund Transfer in the last click on it.

After this you will see the Add Payee tab, click on it:

  • Add Payee Now a Popup will open. In which 3 options will be shown.
  • Axis Bank Customer – If you want to add Beneficiary for Fund Transfer to Axis Bank customer, then click on the Axis Bank Customer tab.
  • Other Bank Customer – And if you want to transfer money to a customer of another bank, then click on Other Bank Customer.
  • Mobile Payee (P2P) – And if you want to add Mobile Payee then click on Mobile Payee (P2P).
  • Enter Payee Account Details

After this you have to enter Payee Account Details. After filling all the details correctly, click on the Add button.

Now you have to confirm Payee details, then after checking the details completely, click on Confirm.

Enter the MPIN after confirming.

Enter the OTP that will come on your registered mobile number here and click on Continue. You have just added Beneficiary Account, now you can do Fund Transfer.

Axis Mobile Banking Se Money Transfer Kaise Kare

After adding Beneficiary Account you can Transfer Money:

First of all open the app. Fund Transfer button will appear in the last, click on it.

After clicking on Fund Transfer, you have to select the bank.

The name of all the Payee Add will appear on your screen. Click on the one you want to transfer money.

Now you have to enter some details:

  • Amount Enter the amount of money you want to transfer.
  • Remarks – Mention the reason why you are transferring the money.
  • Payment Options Select Payment Option.
  • Confirmation Payment

You have to do Payment Confirmation. After checking the Amount and Payee Details, click on Confirm.

After confirming, enter the MPIN of Axis Mobile. Just now your fund transfer is done. You can transfer funds from Axis Mobile App in this way.

Features of Axis Mobile App

We will know further what features you get in Axis Mobile App:

  • You can see all the details of your account. Mini Statement, Transaction Details can know the details of your Saving, Current and Credit Card Account.
  • Your Loan Account Details and Deposits are easily accessible.
  • You can transfer funds immediately in this. To customers of Axis Bank and other banks through Neft and Imps.
  • You can recharge your mobile. Provides Data Card and Dth Connection facility.


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