What is Blue Whale Game? Blue Whale Suicide Game Kaise Kaam Karta Hai!

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There are many people who like to play games. Today all kinds of games are available on the internet, but have you heard the name of such a game which kills people. The name of this game is Blue Whale Game, this game has created fear on the internet and in the minds of people. Because of which the parents and the police have become more alert about the lives of the children.

This game is very much discussed on social media. There is a lot of news coming about this game. In which it is being said that this game forces children to commit suicide. Never before has a game like this been made. This is proving to be a very dangerous game so great care should be taken to keep children away.

Blue Whale Game
What is Blue Whale Game? Blue Whale Suicide Game Kaise Kaam Karta Hai! 3

so let’s know What is Blue Whale Suicide Game? This post to know the complete information about this game, its rules, how it works Blue Whale Suicide Game Challenge Must read from beginning to end only then you will get complete information about it.

what is blue whale game

This is a Suicide Game, it is called a game of suicide, this game is making children its victims, many youths have committed suicide in a short time by playing this game, Blue Whale Game was first made in Russia, this game It started in Russia in 2013, which was created by Psychology Student Philip Budekin.

He was expelled from the university because of his work. He said that he wants to eliminate the evils of the society through this game. According to Budekin, those who do not understand the value of life are of no use to the society.

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Blue Whale Suicide Game Kaise Kaam Karta Hai

Players get a lot of tasks in this game. When the players complete the task, the level of their game also increases. It cannot be downloaded directly from the internet. In this, Invite Link is sent to the players by the Admin. After that it is downloaded. This game is for 50 days. Which is played for 50 days.

Everyday new tasks are given in this game. To complete which you are given 24 hours. After completing each task, you have to send its photo to your friends and the administrator of the game. Initially its tasks are simple and gradually become difficult. Like you have to go to the scary place, make a picture of Blue Whale on the paper, watch horror movie at night and the player has to commit suicide in the last task of the game.

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Blue Whale Suicide Game Detail In Hindi

Next, you are being told all the rules of the game and what are the tasks in it, how to play the game, all this information is given below.

  • First of all, you have to make F57 on your hand with a blade and you are asked to upload its photo.
  • After this, the second task is to watch a scary video sent by the Admin at 4:20 am.
  • In the third task, 3 cuts have to be made on the hand and the photos have to be sent to the Admin.
  • Whale’s photo has to be made on a paper.
  • If you want to play the next game, then cut your feet and write Yes.
  • This work is mentioned in the code also, so mark it in the code as well.
  • In this task, you have to write F40 on your hand and send it to Admin.
  • Now you have to share on social media by writing I Am Whale.
  • In this task you have to overcome your fear.
  • Have to get up at 4:20 in the morning and go to the terrace.
  • Next, in this task, you have to draw a picture of a Whale on your hand with a blade and send it to the Admin.
  • Now after this one has to watch horror movies everyday.
  • In this task we have to listen new music daily which will be sent by Admin.
  • After this, in the next task, now a cut has to be made on the lips.
  • Now we have to pierce the hand with a needle.
  • In this task, you have to harm yourself so that you become ill.
  • One has to go to the top of the roof in the house and stand on the edge.
  • Now one has to go on a bridge and all that remains is to stand on its corner.
  • In this task one has to climb the crane.
  • Now the Admin will check whether you can be trusted or not.
  • Now in the task that will happen, you have to talk to another Whale Gamer via Skype.
  • Now after this one has to go to the roof and stand on one leg on the edge.
  • This is explained in the code.
  • Different tasks are given in this.
  • You have to meet a Whale (Player) near you.
  • The day of death will be given by the admin which you have to accept.
  • In this task, one has to wake up at 4:20 am and go to the railway track.
  • In this task, one does not have to talk to anyone for the whole day.
  • In this task, you have to stay without food for one day.
  • In task from 30 to 49 you have to wake up every morning at 4:20 Am and watch a horror movie which will be sent by Admin and make a cut on Rose’s body and talk to another Whale Gamer.
  • This is the last task in which one has to commit suicide by jumping from a tall building.

This is how the Blue Whale Game is played.

Blue Whale Game How Hota Hai

It was found by the administrator of the game that it has an effect on the mind of those who play Blue Whale Game. Due to which he becomes completely in control of the game. And the gamer keeps doing what the game’s admin says. If a player leaves the game in the middle, then he is threatened with death or he is blackmailed and some such thing goes somewhere that the player completes the game and gives his life.

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