What is Captcha Code and how to fill it

in the online world What is Captcha Code You must have been troubled many times about this matter. Whenever you have registered in a new website or have commented in a blog, then you must have been asked to enter some crooked alphabets and numbers.

I know this is very frustrating. Sometimes there is a lot of confusion between lower case L and number 1, upper case O and number 0.

I can say these things with so much claim because I have also faced all these troubles. I have tried to solve these Captcha Codes for hours. I always used to think that why they do not show those alphabets directly so that it would be easy for the user to solve them.

To solve all these problems today I have written this What is Captcha so that I can tell you some heard and some unheard things.

What is captcha code – What is Captcha Code in Hindi

Captcha code is a technique used to differentiate between real users and bots. It is a specialized form of computer software that enhances the security of websites, helps prevent spam and unwanted traffic.

what is the captcha code

In Captcha Code you will see an image or text which you have to read or recognize. If you correctly identify it, the system assumes that you are a genuine user. This technique takes advantage of the fact that humans and computer software have differences in understanding images and text.

So, the main role of Captcha Code is the security of the website, which makes it possible to avoid spam and unwanted activities. It is an important tool that helps in strengthening online security.

Why we use Captcha Code?

Captcha Code is used as a security measure, which only humans can solve and not any machine or robot. Because bots cannot penetrate this type of security.

Their design is to prevent hackers and spammers from restricted areas where they are not allowed to crawl. Otherwise, they can go and steal the password from there. If we talk about how to generate Captcha Code.

So let me tell you that after including text and numbers in its image to generate the Captcha Code, that image is distorted so that no OCR Technology can recognize those letters, it can only be recognized by human eyes. Can only be read and understood.

Let me tell you for your information, still one of the best in the world Captcha Code solving Algorithm Not ready.

Think for yourself, if a website or blog owner does not use any security measure like Captcha, then he will receive thousands of such Spam Mails and messages daily. This is a matter of a small blog or website.

Now think what would be happening if your website or blog is a bit more popular then. So next time if you have a new Captcha Code, then there is no need to worry about that blog or website, during that think that by solving this Captcha Code, you are saving that website or blog from other spammers or bots. Which is a very noble deed.

What do you enter in the captcha code?

Different types of information and data are used in Captcha Code technique. These data are designed to circumvent computer bots and identify human users.

A typical captcha code consists of letters and/or numbers of odd sizes, colors and fonts, which the user has to recognize and type. Some Captcha Codes also contain images, such as a road sign or traffic light etc., and the user has to identify them.

Many Captcha Codes also provide audio option, where the user has to listen to a series of numbers or letters and type them. This is especially useful for blind or visually impaired users.

In short, the Captcha Code uses letters, numbers, images, and audio clips. It is a simple tool that helps boost online security.

How to fill captcha code?

I know very well that solving Captcha Code is such a stressful task. Before solving this, I want to tell you something that there is a database of Captcha Code where there are many images and characters.

Whenever we request a new Captcha Code, its Algorithm randomly creates a puzzle, if the user’s written code matches, then you can enter that website, and if the code does not match, then another puzzle takes his place. And this cycle will continue like this.

How to create captcha code?

Generating captcha code is a process that can be done with the help of captcha code generator. Such generators are available online and are easy to use.

The first step in generating captcha codes is to visit a website for such generators. There will be an input box asking for the text that needs to be encoded in the captcha code. One can then enter their text, hit generate and get results in seconds.

Alternatively, one can copy paste the text and click on ‘Generate’.

What is captcha example?

All of you must have encountered many types of Captcha Code, having so many Captcha Codes means that the type of your website will also have the same type of Captcha.

So today we will know how many types of Captcha Code exist.

  • Text recognition based (example: reCAPTCHA) : The puzzle that comes in this type of Captcha are all text based, in which the user has to identify the written text to solve the code. Only after that he can enter the website.
  • Image recognition based (example: identiPIC) : The puzzles that come in this type of Captcha are all Image based, in which the user has to identify that Image (picture) to solve the code. Only after that he can enter the website.
  • Social Authentication / Friend Recognition (example: Facebook CAPTCHA) : This type of Captcha is mainly used in Social Media Website, and the puzzle that comes in it are all Friends Profile Photo based, in which the user has to identify that profile picture to solve the code. Only after that he can enter the website.
  • Logic based questions (example: textCAPTCHA) : The puzzle that comes in this type of Captcha are all logic question based, in which the user has to answer the question asked to solve the code. Only after that he can enter the website.
  • User interaction based (example: Sliders Type) : The puzzle that comes in this type of Captcha are all Interaction based questions, in which the user has to answer those questions to solve the code, here questions related to interaction are asked. Only after that he can enter the website.

Advantages of Captcha Code

Ever since the implementation of Captcha Code, its use has increased a lot. This is a program that protects our website and blogs from bots and spammers.

They prepare such a security test that it is not possible to clear in favor of bots. So let’s know about Captcha Code and some benefits –

  • Preventing comments spam in blog
  • Protecting Website Registration
  • Protecting Email Addresses from Email Scrapers
  • Creating Online Poll
  • protect website from dictionary attack
  • protect website from bots
  • Protecting your website from big spammers

The security of your data is most important in the online world, so we can say that Captcha Code is the first line of defense of our website. By now you must have understood what is captcha in Hindi and how important it is for our blog.

What is the full form of CAPTCHA?

The full form of CAPTCHA is “Complete Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart,

What is my captcha code?

This question is based on your personal captcha code, so you will know by looking at your screen.

what did you learn today

I sincerely hope that I have what is captcha ,What is Captcha in HindiGave complete information about ) and I hope you guys must have understood about this new security technology.

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