What is FTP? Know how to use FTP in Hindi

Hello friends, welcome to Hindi Sahayta. today we are going to tell you What is FTP If you also want to know what is FTP Server then this post is very useful for you. In today’s post we will tell you what is FTP
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Nowadays internet is being used a lot. And with its help, we keep downloading and uploading something every day. And also keep sending your file to each other through email. People doing web designing and web development must know about it.

Friends, have you ever tried to know what is the process of the data we download and upload on the Internet. So today you will know about it only. Today there are millions of websites on the internet, everyday something or the other is uploaded on these websites, which we download and we will know further how this work is done.
So let’s start now and know how to use FTP, if you also want to get information about FTP, then definitely read this post FTP Kya Hota Hai In Hindi from beginning to end. Only then you will be able to get complete information about it.

What is FTP

FTP is used to upload files over the Internet. With this, you can access the files of your computer and hosting server at one place. And you can move by drag and drop. It is a medium through which we can exchange our files.
In this, files are exchanged between two computers through a TCP/IP connection. When the web developer creates a website, then the files of that website have to be uploaded to the server.
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And for this FTP is used, which helps in uploading, downloading, deleting, copying, and moving large files on the server. Whatever data, content, themes are there in the website that Web Developer creates, they are put together in one place.
So that if you want to make any changes, you can do it easily, and FTP works here. Keeps all the data of your website and computer according to the rules. Which you can access very easily anytime.

ftp full form

File Transfer Protocol

how to use ftp

Let us know how to use FTP. FTP Client (Software) is required to use FTP. We’ll show you how to use it through Filezilla here:

First of all you have to download Filezilla FTP Client. Download and install it.

ftp server
What is FTP? Know how to use FTP in Hindi 5

Now you have to fill all the information of FTP Server in it. So that you can connect with him.

Go to the File Menu option.

Now click on the Site Manager option.

Now the Site Manager window will open. Here you have to fill the information in this way.

  • New site Click on New Site.
  • My Sites – Write a name for your site in the profile name.
  • host Write Host Name in it. In this you have to write your domain name.
  • port – Port number is 21 by default.
  • protocols Now select FTP.
  • Encryption Select Use Plain FTP in this.
  • Logon Type Select Normal.
  • Users Write the Username of the FTP Account you have created.
  • password Enter the password.
  • connect And now click on Connect.
ftp select entry
What is FTP? Know how to use FTP in Hindi 6

After this your Filezilla will be connected to your Hosting Server. And your server’s file will appear on the right side. From here you can access your server’s file through Filezilla. And with Filezilla, you will be able to make changes to the file easily.

How to create FTP

So let’s now know how it works. But for this FTP Client must be installed in the user’s system. Apart from this, you must have a username and password to connect to the server. FTP uses 2 types of connections to transfer files:
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It is used to open and close the connection and send commands to the server.

After the connection is made, the file is transferred between the client server through the data connection.
The control connection has to be initiated by the client on port number 21. Once the connection is made, commands are sent through the client. And starts data connection on Server Port Number 20 by command. And files are transferred through this data connection.

What is the difference between FTP and HTTP?

Following are the differences between FTP and HTTP. So let’s know what is FTP or HTTP Me Antar:

  • In FTP, the file can be automatically saved on the client’s computer after being transferred from the server. But in HTTP, the content that the user is seeing on his browser has to be saved himself.
  • If you want to transfer large files, then it is better to use FTP for this. But it is better to use HTTP to transfer small data.
  • Two-way communication can be done through FTP. And One-Way Communication can be done through HTTP.
  • Binary Encoding is used for data transfer in FTP. And Mime Format is used in HTTP.
  • Through FTP the user can see the directory structure of the server. But it can be hidden in HTTP.


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