What is GPU? GPU Full Form

GPU Full Form There is a ‘Graphic Processor Unit’ which comes in all computers and mobiles. It is used to enhance the performance of the device. GPU is the advanced version of CPU (Central Processing Unit) which performs graphical calculations and provides better gaming, videos, images, animations, experience to the user. Very few people know about GPU Kya Hota Hai and GPU Kaise Kaam Karta Hai.

You must have heard the name of GPU in your mobile processor or computer CPU. This is the unit that processes all the graphics visible on the screen of your computer and mobile, so that your computer works faster and improves your graphics experience. So if you also want to know what is GPU (What Is GPU In Hindi) and what is GPU Aur CPU Me Antar then stay with us till the end in this article.

What is GPU

The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is a co-processor that performs graphical calculations. Because of this, photos and videos play very quickly and well in our computers and phones. Computer graphics means pictures and movies made by computer. Whatever images or visuals we see on the screen of our phone and computer are called Graphics.

Earlier this work was done by CPU in computer, but ever since applications with large graphics have started coming, since then there was a lot of load on CPU for fast processing in mobile and computer and GPU was created to reduce it.

If we talk about mobile devices, then the processor does the work of controlling the applications and programs that run in it and the ones that appear on the screen like Image, Video, Games, are controlled by the GPU.

GPU Full Form

The full name of GPU or GPU Full Form is “Graphic Processing Unit” which has full form or meaning in Hindi (GPU Meaning in Hindi) is “Graphic Processing Unit”.

How is GPU made?

Currently the use of GPU is very important for the devices. Because nowadays all the applications that are coming in mobile and computer devices are of high graphics. The CPU runs these applications very slowly, considering this situation the GPU has been created. The GPU’s job is to read the photos, making them appear quickly on the computer screen. Parallel processing technology is used in GPU, due to which graphical calculation becomes very fast and the quality of photos and videos also becomes very good.

Types Of GPU

Given the technology currently in use, the following are the most commonly used GPUs and GPU types.

1. Mali GPU

Mali’s GPU processor is made by ARM, the company that designed the architecture. Mali is ARM’s GPU which it designed itself. It allows different companies to use their GPUs in mobile processors through licenses, such as Mali GPUs have been used in Samsung and MediaTek company processors.

ARM company has 21 designs of Mali GPU and they are also licensed. They provide us GPU with Multi Cores. In Mali we get to see two types of GPU (Ultra-Low Power and High Performance). In which T-624, T-760, T-860 are high performance GPUs.

2. Adreno GPU

Adreno GPU is made by Qualcomm company and it designs processors only for its Snapdragon. We will not find its GPU in any other company’s processor. Qualcomm makes GPUs according to its processor series like- Snapdragon 200 to 400 series, Adreno 200 to 300 series, Snapdragon 600 to 800 series etc.

It makes both lower performance and high performance GPUs. You will get to see Adreno GPU in mobiles of Samsung, HTC, LG company.

3. PowerVR GPU

PowerVR GPU is made by Imagination Technology Company. It designs GPUs for both mobiles and computers. It keeps bringing its new series in the market every year. PowerVR 5, 6, 7, GPU are designed for mobiles which are used in mobile devices of Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony. Its processors are very fast and it designs GPU according to the requirement.

GPU Aur CPU Me Antar

There is a lot of difference between CPU and GPU, let us understand about them with the help of the points given below.

  • The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the brain of the mobile which handles all the tasks in the mobile while the GPU handles a specific task.
  • In CPU you get to see a maximum of 24 Cores, whereas in GPU we get to see a lot of Cores which are in thousands.
  • The work that CPU used to do earlier took a lot of time, now GPU does the same work in less time than that.
  • CPU requires more memory for comparative processing and GPU requires less memory for the same.
  • GPU is specially designed to display graphics much faster than CPU.


GPU is currently used in all smartphone devices mainly because of providing better gaming experience to the users. This gives the user a very real feel in the game. Therefore, if you are also going to get a mobile for gaming, then look for a good GPU and processor, so that you do not have the problem of device hanging or heating.

We hope that the information given in today’s post GPU In Hindi will be useful for you and you would have liked it. Still, if you have doubts or questions in this article, then you can ask us in the comments. If you find the information about Difference Between CPU And GPU in Hindi useful, then do share it with your friends.

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