What is plotter and its types (Plotter in Hindi)

What is plotter: Through today’s article, we are going to give you information about Plotter. probably very few of you Computer You must know about this device. Plotter is a very useful device which is used for very important works.

In today’s article you What is plotter, types of plotter, functions of plotter, advantages and disadvantages of plotter Will get to know. So read this article completely so that you can get answers to all your questions, so let’s start without delay and know more about Plotter Kya Hai in detail.

What is plotter?

a plotter computer output device happens which printer Happens just like that. plotter access vector graphic is used for printing. Plotters are generally used to print large size maps, graphs, posters, charts, 3D prints, etc.

Just as in normal printers, a series of dots and toner are used to print the paper, but in the plotter, pen, marker or any other writing instrument is used to draw continuous lines on the paper.

What is plotter

The plotter takes time to print any image, the plotter can take up to an hour to print large size and strange looking shapes.

Who invented plotter?

The plotter was invented in 1953 by Remington Rand. It was used to make technology drawings with the UNIVAC computer.

Earlier, plotter was used a lot for Computer Aided Design (CAD), but with the advent of Wide-Format Printer, the use of plotter is gradually decreasing.

Types of Plotter

Plotters are mainly of two types –

  • Drum Pen Plotter
  • flatbed plotter

1 – Drum Pen Plotter (Drum Pen Plotter)

Pen is used to create an image in Drum Pen Plotter. Drum Pen Plotter is also called Roller Plotter. These consist of a cylindrical drum that moves the paper back and forth, while ink pens move from left to right to print on the paper. The plotter prints an image in inches per second.

Drum pen plotter also has a mechanical device in which ink, pen, pencil are kept, this device is also called Robotic Drawing Arm.

drum plotter
Drum Pen Plotter

2 – Flatbed Plotter (Flatbed Plotter)

Flatbed Plotter is also called Table Plotter. This type of plotter has a large horizontal surface on which the paper is placed. two in Robotic Drawing Arm is used, both these are colored pens and pencils. Drawing Arm moves over the paper and draws the picture on the paper

flatbed plotter
flatbed plotter

Work of Plotter

plotter Of Work Following Are ,

  • Plotters are used for printing hard copies of large size charts, graphs, pictures, maps etc.
  • Banners, posters etc. can also be printed using the plotter.
  • 3D prints can also be printed with the help of a plotter.

Advantages of Plotter

The main advantages of plotter are as follows –

  • With the help of a plotter, data can be printed on a large sheet of paper.
  • The plotter prints with high quality resolution even on large paper.
  • The plotter can print on steel, plywood, aluminum, plastic, cardboard and almost any flat sheet material.
  • All patterns and templates can be saved on the plotter disk, which eliminates the problem of loading the same pattern and template again and again.
  • With the help of a plotter, the same pattern can be made thousands of times with High Image Quality.

Disadvantage of Plotter

Plotter also has some disadvantages which are as follows –

  • The size of the plotter is very large as compared to the normal printer. Due to which there may be difficulty in using the plotter in a confined space.
  • Plotters are also costlier than normal printers.
  • Plotters take longer to print an image.

Difference between Plotter and Printer

The way a printer is used to convert a soft copy from a computer into a hard copy, in the same way a plotter is also used to print out a hard copy. Due to which many people do not know the difference between Plotter and Printer.

But There are many differences between Plotter and Printer which are as follows –

  • All Plotters are a Printer, but not all Printers are Plotters.
  • Plotter is used to draw the image through Line but in the printer the image is drawn through Dots.
  • Large size images can also be drawn through the plotter, but large size images cannot be drawn through the printer.

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FAQ For Plotter

Which device is plotter?

Plotter is the output device of the computer.

What is the function of plotter?

Plotter is used to draw large size shapes.

Where is plotter used?

Plotter is used in Building Map, CAD Application, Engineer Application etc.

What are the types of plotters?

Plotters are mainly of two types – Flatbed Plotter and Drum Pen Plotter.

Conclusion – What is Plotter in Hindi

So friends through this article we have given you what is plotter An attempt has been made to give detailed information about the plotter so that you can better understand the plotter and know the difference between the plotter and the printer. We hope that like all our articles, you have got good useful information from this article as well. this article What is plotter must also share with your friends Do it.

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