What is URL, its types, how it works (URL full form in Hindi)

What is URL in Hindi: Do you know URL What isURL Of Invention Who? DidURL How many? Type Of would have Are And URL How Work does Is, If not, then definitely read this article till the end. After reading this article, you will get a lot of information about URL.

whenever you are on the internet hyperlink When you click on it, you reach a webpage. All webpages have a URL which is shown in the search bar of the web browser. By URL you can refer to a specific web page. Internet Can find in.

It is very important for an internet user to know about URL. You are going to get almost all types of information about URL in this article. So let’s start today’s article and know more What is URL in Hindi.

What is URL (What is URL in Hindi)

URL on the Internet Website Or a webpage has an address, that is, an address, by which a user can find a particular webpage on the Internet. It is also called link. Every webpage on the Internet has a unique URL. Meaning that the URL of two webpages can never be the same.

What is URL, its types, how it works (URL full form in Hindi)

Correct example of URL is like Google URL of https://www.google.com/ Is. by this URL Web browser from google search engine Can be reached easily.

All the resources available on the Internet such as photos, text, graphics, videos, documents, etc. all have a URL through which the user can easily find any Internet resource.

Technically speaking, all the websites present in the Internet have an IP address which is in the form of a number, such as –, URL is used to remember this IP address easily.

of all websites IP address It is a difficult task for humans to remember, and these IP addresses keep changing from time to time, so the user will have great difficulty in accessing any website. That’s why URL is used. The URL of any website always remains the same and it can be easily remembered. in the browser to remember it easily bookmark Can also do.

Full form of URL (URL full form in Hindi)

The full form of URL is UNIFORM RESOURCE LOCATOR (Uniform Resource Locator).

Part of URL

There are mainly four parts of any URL. We will understand about the parts of URL by this URL example – https://www.techshole.com/url-kya-hai-hindi

1 – HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)

to transfer data over the internet http protocol is used. The :// is used to separate http from the rest of the URL. In other URLs, the two parts are separated by /.

2 – World Wide Web

world Wide Web There is a service, the information of all the websites present on the Internet is in www only. Whenever the user searches a URL in the browser, the web page related to that URL is received by the user on the browser only through www. Although www is not used in many URLs, but the URL without www is also redirected to www.

3 – Domain Name

Domain Name, which is also known as website. Domain name is the address of any website. The domain name of all websites is unique. Meaning that two websites cannot be built on the same domain name. In other words, the domain name is the nickname of the IP address.

The part of .com in the domain name is called use domain extension. .com is used for commercial websites. This is a Top Level Domain.

4 – Resource

The last part in the URL is the resource that the user actually finds on the Internet. This is called a webpage. This is the file, image, video, text that the user is searching for on the Internet. The file extension is also attached to the file name, which tells what type of file it is. Some popular file extensions are .html, .php, .asp, .jpg etc.

History of URL

Tim Berners-lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, in the 90s HTML, HTTP and URL built in one go. With the discovery of the URL, Tim Berners-lee provided a unique location to all the webpages on the Internet, which made it very easy to access any website online.

How URL works

Every website on the Internet has its own IP address, which is in the form of a number. Against the URL IP address is a name which is made for easy remembering.

When the user searches a URL in the browser, the browser converts the URL DNS Converts to IP address through (Domain Name Server). And reaches the website that the user had searched. And then shows the webpage in front of the user.

Before URL, only IP address was used to find a webpage. But it was very difficult to remember them, so URL was created so that human can easily search any webpage on the internet through URL.

Types of URL

There are mainly two types of URLs –

  • Absolute URL
  • Relative URL

1 – Absolute URL (Complete URL)

This type of URL contains both the domain name and the page path. An Absolute URL provides complete information about the location. This URL starts with the http:// protocol and contains all kinds of information. An Absolute URL is as follows –


2 – Relative URL (Relative URL)

This type of URL contains only Path, it does not contain domain name. Relative URL is used to shorten Absolute URL.

A Relative URL specifies a URL location in terms of the current location. Relative URL is used to refer to a given link to a file that exists in the same domain.

Suppose we want to link an image named “techshole.jpg” in a webpage of our website, then it will be displayed as follows.


What is URL Shortening

When a URL URL Shortener Tool If converted into short URL by , then this process is called URL Shortening. With the help of tools like bitly, tinyurl etc. you can convert full URL to short URL. The URL shortened by URL Shortener automatically gets redirected to the Main URL.

What are Secure URLs

Secure URLs are URLs that start with https://. Before giving personal information in any website, it must be kept in mind that the URL of that website is secure or not. If you fill any detail in a website with an Unsecure URL, then your personal information can also be misused.

How to open URL (URL Kaise Khole)

It is very easy to open any URL, for this you have to copy that link and paste it in the search bar of Chrome browser and search, now your URL will open completely. In this you will see the website related to that link. In this way you open any URL.

What are the three parts of URL

URL consists of three main parts ie parts which are described as follows.

  • The first part in the URL is a Protocol Identifier, which indicates which protocol is being used. Like – http or https.
  • The second part of the URL is a domain name, which indicates which website Server Data means resource has to be brought from.
  • The third part in the URL indicates the path and name of the document.

URL FAQ (FAQ Section)

What is URL?

URL is a unique address of any webpage on the Internet by which the user can search any webpage on the Internet.

Who invented URL?

Tim Berners-lee, the inventor of WWW, also discovered the URL.

Where are URLs?

URLs are in the search box at the top of any browser, when you scroll down, you do not see the URL of the webpage.

What are the three main parts of a URL?

There are 3 main parts of URL Http Protocol, Domain Name and Resource.

In which bar is the URL shown?

The URL is shown in the search bar of any web browser.

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