What is USSD code? How to do banking using USSD?

Hello friends, welcome to Hindi Sahayta. today we are going to tell you What is USSD code? If you also want to do USSD Banking and you want to get information about it, then you have come to the right place. Because today you will know that USSD Banking Kaise Kare
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Due to increasing technology, today development has started increasing in every field and internet is being used the most in the field of technology. Through this we have also got the facility of mobile banking and internet banking. With the help of technology, you can use the banking service even while sitting at home.
Every kind of service is being used in the phone today and by this all the work has become so easy that we do not need to go out for any work. We do all the work on our mobile only. One of these services is USSD Banking, using which you can also do phone banking. In which you get many facilities.
So let’s know what is USSD Banking, if you also want to do USSD Banking through your phone, then this post What Is USSD Code in Hindi? Must read from beginning to end. You will get complete information only after reading the post completely.

What is USSD code?

This is a mobile service. It can also be used without internet. This service is also being used for mobile banking. Through USSD Code, you can know the balance of the bank account, transfer money to the bank account and take advantage of all the facilities of the bank.
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You can use USSD for banking only if your mobile number is linked to your bank account. Every telecom company has its own separate USSD code. Neither smartphone nor internet is required to take advantage of this service.
All USSD codes start with * (star) and end with # (hash). Different USSD codes have been created for different facilities. *99# is used for banking facility.

ussd code full form

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data

USSD Codes Se Banking Kaise Kare

You can use USSD Code for many features. To use this service, your mobile number should be linked with the bank account. Now let us know how to check bank balance using USSD code using USSD service:

Dial *99# in your mobile.

A message from NUUP (National Unified USSD Payments) will appear on your mobile screen, then click OK.

Now type the short name of your bank.

There will be options for Mini Statement, Balance Check and Fund Transfer on the mobile screen, out of which you can select whatever option you want to check.

USSD Code Se Paise Kaise Transfer Kare

To transfer money through USSD Code, your mobile number should be linked to the bank account and the bank account should have MMID or MPIN. If you have both these services, then you can transfer money by following the steps given below:
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Dial *99# in your mobile You have to dial USSD Code from the same mobile number which is linked to your account.

A message will come as soon as you dial the code, where you have to enter the short name of your bank and send it.

  • Select Send Money Using MMID

You will get 5 options as soon as you enter the short name of the bank. Now you select option 3 Send Money Using MMID and send it. If you want to transfer money through IFSC, then send it by writing 4.

  • Select Fund Transfer Option

Whichever option you send, another message will appear in front of you, in which you will be asked about fund transfer and you will get three options. If you have selected MMID then send it by writing 1 and if you have selected IFSC then send it by writing 4.

Now you have to give the details of the Beneficiary. Send that person’s account by writing IFSC Code and Amount.

  • Enter Account Number/MPIN

After this you will be asked about MPIN. Enter your MPIN and the last 4 digits of your account and send it. If you have selected MMID from step 3 and 4 then you have to enter your MMID.
Your transfer is now complete. You will get a Confirmation SMS. So you can transfer money with USSD code in this way.

List of USSD Codes

Not all people are aware of USSD Code. If you want to know that USSD Code Kaise Pata Kare, then in this list you will get all the USSD Codes which you can use:

Airtel USSD Code List

This is the list of all codes of Airtel. From which you can know Balance, Sms, Offers, all this.

7starhd loan7starhd.top
7starhd cool7starhd online
7star hd red7starhd space
7starhd me7star hd win

Idea USSD Code List

Most of the people use this company, but still many people do not know its codes, then you can see in this list:

khatrimaza.comkhatri maza cool
khatrimaza full orgkhatri maza full
khatri maza kimwww.khatrimaza.co.in
ok khatrimaza.comkhatrimaza. in

Vodafone USSD Code List

Vodafone USSD Code list is a bit big. With the help of these codes, you can find out all the services of Vodafone:

film district.comfilmywap.me
filmi district wap.comweb.com

Jio USSD Code List

If you are a Jio user, then you can find out the USSD code of Jio from this list:

Name of Institutionname of course
Gautam Buddha UniversityM.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Xavier School of Computer Science and Computer, Xavier University BhubaneswarM.Tech in Artificial Intelligence
Amity University, GurugramM.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology, SrinagarCertificate in Robotic Programming and Maintenance
Chandigarh UniversityM.E. in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Aegis School of Business, Data Science, Cyber ​​Security and TelecommunicationPost Graduate Program in Applied AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in association with IBM
National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, GorakhpurCertificate in Robotics
IIT Jodhpur – Indian Institute of Technology (IITJ)M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence
PU – Poornima UniversityBCA in AI and Process Automation
SSOU – Symbiosis Skill and Open UniversityPost Graduate Diploma in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
iLEAD Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship & DevelopmentMSc in Human Computing and Artificial Intelligence
Usha Martin UniversityDiploma in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


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