What is Xerox machine and how it works (What Is Xerox in Hindi)

do you know that What is Xerox Machine, I am sure that you must have used Xerox machine at some point of time. There would be hardly anyone who has not used Xerox machine till date.

It is also called photocopy machine in common language. The machine which is used to take out the exact print of any document is called Xerox Machine.

Be it business sector, education sector or government sector, Xerox machines are used everywhere. With the help of Xerox machine i.e. photocopy machine, you can easily extract many copies of any number of documents in a few seconds.

So today I thought why not provide complete information about Xerox Machine Meaning in Hindi to you people, so that you can know how it works, what are its benefits and what are its types? So without delay let’s start.

What is Xerox Machine (What Is Xerox Machine)

what is xerox machine in hindi

Xerox Machine is an electronic machine that works to copy any document. ,Xerox‘ This word derives from xerography, it is a technology that is used to duplicate images and documents.

With this machine, you can extract exact copies of the words written on the drawing or paper. This machine is very big in appearance but it does all the work very easily and quickly, because inside it is very simple.

Xerox machine is an electronic machine so it runs only on electricity. You must have seen that whenever you go to the photocopy shop, after giving your document, the person in front pushes some buttons on the Xerox machine and exact copies of your document come out, all this work is done so fast that You can’t even imagine.

Who invented the Xerox machine?

Xerox machine invented the photocopying machine “Chester CarlsonJi ne Oct. 22, 1938.

history of xerox machine

Chester Carlsonwho was an American patent lawyer, he xerography was invented in the year 1930. At that time, big companies such as General Electric, IBM, Kodak and RCA refused Carlson, later Battelle Memorial Institute invested in his research and after that he licensed it under the name of a company named Haloid .

Both Battelle and Haloid collaborated in this research and demonstrated this technique in 1948. Haloid was the first to name this term xerography, which is called “dry” and “writing” in Greek.

Haloidof whom 1910 was founded in, later it was renamed Haloid Xerox in 1958 and then later Xerox Corp. recognized by the name of 1961 In.

how xerox machine works

Copying any document is very easy. Technique of Xerography Actually the basis is electrostatic charges. In fact, what happens is that a glass is made at the top of the machine, on which the document to be copied is kept.

Then a light comes from below, which scans the whole paper and after reflecting on the paper, it goes to a drum below.

Now the drum scans only those parts in which something is written or made. Along with the light, the drum also starts rotating from the bottom and the whole pattern of the word written on the paper is prepared on the drum. Now a toner is installed in the machine, in this toner powder is filled for print.

Through this, the words written on the paper get printed on the drum. When plain paper goes into the Xerox machine, the ink from the drum sticks to the paper. Here with the help of heat the ink is pasted on the paper permanent and after that it comes out after being printed. This whole process takes only a few seconds.

types of xerox machine

Let us know about the different types of Xerox Machine.

1. Analog Xerox Machine

In this type of machine the first scan is done by high power light bulb and by light reflection the image of the paper is made a pattern on the drum with the help of toner.

After this the pattern made on the drum is printed on the paper. After this it is pasted permanently on the paper by heavy heat.

2. Digital Xerox Machine

Sensor is used in digital machine which takes a photo of your paper and which you can also store. In this type of machine, first the documents are scanned and then their print is removed.

In this, the brightness of the photocopy and the size of the output can be controlled. Nowadays this type of machine is being used a lot in the market.

Advantages of Xerox Machine

Let us know about the benefits of Xerox Machine which make it better than others.

1. Can do multiple coping
The biggest advantage of Xerox machine is that in this you can extract more than one copy at a time. You can remove as many copies of the printed document as you want at the same time.

2. Cost effective
The cost of photocopying with Xerox machine also comes down. You can take a copy print for 50 paise. Some photocopy machines charge up to Re 1 for a copy. Still its cost comes less in bulk.

3. fast speed
Copying from Xerox machine takes very less time. Very quickly you get the photocopy of your paper. Apart from this, the quality of its paper is also good.

4. Is Environment Friendly
There is no need for much space to extract copy from Xerox machine and apart from this this machine is completely environment friendly. There is no pollution of any kind in it.

What did you learn today

When the machine came in the beginning, no one was sure that it would be needed, but today it has become a part of daily life. Today photocopying is required everywhere. There is no such place where photocopying is not required.

That’s why the need for Xerox Machine has increased a lot. Even after the death of a person, a copy of the original document is also required for the death certificate. You must be surprised to hear this.

By now you must have understood very well that What is Xerox Machine (What Is Xerox Machine) And how does this work. How everyone needs Xerox machine in today’s time and it will always be needed by everyone in future also.

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